The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Songs of the Nativity

William Henry Husk
Librarian to the Sacred Harmonic Society

London: John Camden Hotten, 1868,
reprinted by Norwood Editions, Norwood, PA, 1973


Index of Songs

  1. A Babe Is Born, 52

  2. A Bone, God Wot!, 132

  3. A Jolly Wassel-Bowl, 147

  4. A Virgin Most Pure, 30

  5. All Under The Leaves (Alternate Title: The Seven Virgins), 105

  6. All You That Are Good Fellows, 145

  7. All You That Are To Mirth Inclined (Alternate Title: The Sinner's Redemption), 20

  8. All You That In This House Be Here, 170

  9. All You That To Feasting and Mirth Are Inclin'd (Alternate Title: Old Christmas Returned), 165

  10. An Earthly Tree A Heavenly Fruit It Bare, 18

  11. Angel Gabriel From God Was Sent, The, 68

  12. As It Fell Out One May Morning (Alternate Title: The Holy Well), 91

  13. At The Beginning Of The Meat, 118

  14. Boar His Head In Hand I Bring, The, 116

  15. Boar Is Dead, The, 125

  16. Boar's Head In Hand Bring I, The  - Early Version, 119

  17. Boarís Head In Hand Bring I, The (Later Version), 120

  18. Boar's Head, That We Bring Here, The, 124

  19. Carnal and the Crane, The (Alternate Title: As I Passed By A River Side), 97

  20. Christmas Is My Name (Alternate Title: Christmas's Lamentation), 161

  21. Come Behold The Virgin Mother (Alternate Titles: The Virgin Mother and The Babe Of Bethlehem), 70

  22. Come, Guard This Night, 155

  23. Come Rejoice, All Good Christians, 65

  24. Come Bring The Noise, 154

  25. Contest of the Ivy and the Holly, The, 131

  26. Dives and Lazarus (Alternate Title: As It Fell Out Upon A Day), 95

  27. Down With The Rosemary and Bays, 160

  28. Down With The Rosemary, And So, 159

  29. First Day Of Yule, The, 8 - A Yule-tide Carol

  30. First Good Joy That Mary Had, The, 87

  31. First NoŽl The Angels Did Say, The, 82: A Carol For The Epiphany

  32. Give Way, Give Way, Ye Gates, And Win, 143

  33. Gloucestershire Wassailer's Carol (Alternate Title: Wassail Wassail All Over The Town - Version 4), 150

  34. God Bless The Master Of This House, 137

  35. God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen, 27

  36. Golden Time Is Now At Hand, The, 10

  37. Hark! All Around The Welkin Rings, 74

  38. Here Comes Holly, 129 (Alternate title: Alleluia Now Sing We)

  39. Here We Come A Wassailing (Alternate Title: The Wassail Song - Version 1), 152

  40. Holly And Ivy (Made A Great Party), 128

  41. Holly And The Ivy, The (Now Are Both Well Grown), 85

  42. I Am Here, Sir Christ-his-mas, 127

  43. I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing In (Alternate Title: On Christmas Day In The Morning), 24

  44. In Bethlehem, That Noble Place (Alternate Title: Be We Merry In This Feast), 54

  45. In Friendly Love And Unity, 43

  46. In The Reign Of Great Caesar (Alternate Title: The Joyful Sounds of Salvation), 56

  47. It Is The Day, The Holy Day, 38

  48. Ivy, Chief Of Trees (Alternate Title: The Most Worthy She Is In Town), 130

  49. Joseph Was An Old Man (Alternate Title: The Cherry-Tree Carol - Husk), 58

  50. Joy To The World - Version 3, 73

  51. Kindle The Christmas Brand, 161

  52. Lord At First Had Adam Made, The (Alternate Title: A Carol For Christmas Eve), 3

  53. Lulla Lullaby, My Sweet Little Baby (Alternate Title: Be Still, My Blessed Babe - Husk), 49

  54. Mark This Song, For It Is True (Alternate Title: The Carol Of Innocents), 45

  55. Moon Shone Bright, The , 62

  56. Mortals Awake With Angels Join, 76

  57. My Heart Of Gold (Alternate Title: My Lady Went To Canterbury), 134

  58. Nay, Ivy, Nay, It Shall Not Be (Alternate Title: The Contest of the Ivy and the Holly), 131

  59. Now Christmas Day Approaches Near (Alternate Title: The Approach of Christmas), 175

  60. Now Christmas Time Is Coming On, 176

  61. Now That The Time Is Come, 174

  62. Now Thrice Welcome Christmas, 172

  63. Now, Now, The Mirth Comes, 156

  64. O God, That Guides The Cheerful Sun, 78

  65. O You Merry, Merry Souls, 178

  66. One God There Is Of Wisdom (Alternate Titles: Man's Duty or Mediation For the Twelve Hours of the Day), 109

  67. One God, One Baptisme, And One Fayth (Alternate Titles: A New Dyall or A New Dial), 107

  68. Partly Work and Partly Play (For St. Distaff's Day), 158

  69. Rejoice, Rejoice With Heart And Voice (Alternate Title: From Virgin's Womb This Day Did Spring), 16

  70. Remember, O Thou Man, 32

  71. Saint Stephen Was A Clerk40

  72. Seven Virgins, The - Version 2 105

  73. So, Now Is Come Our Joyfulst Feast, 138

  74. This Day Christ Was Born, 19

  75. Three Kings, The (Alternate Title: Now Is Christmas I-Come), 79

  76. Tidings I Bring You For To Tell, 117

  77. Twelve Days of Christmas, The - Version 1, 181

  78. Twelve Good Joys Of Mary, The (Alternate Title: The First Good Joy That Mary Had), 87

  79. Virgin And Child, The, (Alternate Title: This Endris Night - Version 2), 13

  80. Welcome Yule (Alternate Title: Welcome Be Thou, Heaven's King), 6: A Yule-tide Carol

  81. Welcome, Merry Christmas (Alternate Title: Be Merry All, Be Merry All), 180

  82. When Christ Was Born of Mary Free (Alternate Title: Christo paremus canticam), 53

  83. When Jesus The Lord (Alternate Title: The Miracles Of Christ), 104

  84. Worcestershire Christmas Carol, The (Alternate Title: How Grand And How Bright), 36

Christmas Eve Carols:

Christmas Day Carols:

Christmas Cheer

Husk does not include these in his listing of "Christmas Cheer," but they seem appropriate:

Christmas Customs from Herrick

  1. On Christmas Eve (Come Bring The Noise), 154

  2. On Christmas Eve (Come, Guard This Night), 155

  3. Twelfth Night, or King and Queen (Now, Now, The Mirth Comes), 156

  4. Saint Distaff's Day (Partly Work and Partly Play), 158

  5. Candlemas Eve (Down With The Rosemary, And So), 159

  6. Candlemas Eve (Down With The Rosemary and Bays), 160

  7. Candlemas Day (Kindle The Christmas Brand), 161

Carols For St. Stephen's Day [December 26]

Another similar carol not found in Husk, but found in Sandys, is Saint Stephen Was An Holy Man

The Carol Of Innocents [December 28]

Carol For New Year's Day

Twelfth Night Carol

Carols For The Epiphany

Carols for Candlemas Eve and Day

Boar's Head Carols

Holly and Ivy Songs

Wassail Songs

Yule-tide Carols


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