The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

A Christmas Garland

Carols and Poems
The Fifteenth Century To
The Present Time

A. H. Bullen

With Seven Illustrations newly designed
By Henry G. Wells


John C. Nimmo
14, King William Street, Strand, W.C.

To My Wife


List Of Illustrations
Designed by Henry G. Wells


Table of Contents

Part I. Christmas Chants and Carols

In Every Place I Shall Tell This (Coventry Mysteries)

Welcome Yule

I Sing Of A Maiden

In Excelsis Gloria

The First Nowell The Angel Did Say

In Bethlehem, That Noble Place

A New Carol Of Our Lady [Lordes and Ladyes All By Dene]

The Virgin And The Child [This Endris Night]

About The Field They Pipėd Right

This Endnes Night I Saw A Sight [This Endernight I Saw A Sight]

I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing In

As I Sat Under A Sycamore Tree

My Sweet Little Baby

The Cherry Tree Carol (Cherry Tree Carol)

Saint Stephen Was A Clerk

Remember, O Thou Man

God Rest You, Merry Gentlemen

Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day

The Holy Well [As It Fell Out One May Morning]

The Carnal and the Crane

Joys Seven [The First Good Joy That Mary Had]

The Moon Shines Bright

A Virgin Most Pure

The Saviour Of All People [God Bless The Master Of This House]

A Christmas Carol (by Robert Herrick)

The Contest of the Ivy and the Holly

Modryb Marya (by R. S. Hawker)

The Child Jesus (by R. S. Hawker) [Welcome That Star In Judah's Sky]

The Shepherds Went Their Hasty Way (by S. T. Coleridge) [A Christmas Carol]

In The Bleak Midwinter (by Miss Christina G. Rossetti)

Masters in This Hall (by Mr. William Morris)

Outlanders, Whence Come Ye Last? (by Mr. William Morris)

Three Damsels In The Queen's Chamber (by Mr. A. C. Swinburne)


Part II. Carmina Sacra

On The Morning Of Christ's Nativity (by John Milton)

Who Can Forget (by Giles Fletcher)

The Shepherds (by Henry Vaughan)

Christ's Nativity (by Henry Vaughan)

New Prince, New Pomp (by Robert Southwell) [Behold A Simple Tender Babe]

Christmas (by George Herbert)

For Christmas Day (by Bishop Hall) [Immortal Babe, Who This Dear Day]

The Shepherd's Song (by E. Bolton)

A Hymn On The Nativity Of My Saviour (by Ben Jonson) [I Sing The Birth Was Born To-Night]

A Hymn Of The Nativity (by Richard Crashaw)

A Hymn For The Epiphany (by Richard Crashaw)

The Angels (by William Drummond) [Run, Shepherds, Run]

The Shepherds (by William Drummond)

Of The Epiphany (by Sir John Beaumont)

Where Is This Blessed Babe (by Jeremy Taylor) [Hymn For Christmas Day]

Awake, My Soul, And Come Away (by Jeremy Taylor) [A Hymn For Christmas Day]

And They Laid Him In A Manger (by Sir Edward Sherburne)

An Ode On The Birth Of Our Saviour (by Robert Herrick) [In Numbers, And But These Few]

Rejoice, Rejoice, With Heart And Voice (by Francis Kinwelmersh) [For Christmas Day]

The Virgin's Cradle-Hymn (by S. T. Coleridge)

A Christmas Lullaby (by Mr. J. A. Symonds)

A Rocking Hymn (by George Wither)


Part III. Christmas Customs and Christmas Cheer

So, Now Is Come Our Joyfulst Feast (by George Wither)

Ceremonies For Christmas (by Robert Herrick)

The Praise of Christmas [Drive The Cold Winter Away]

Old Christmas Returned [All You That To Feasting and Mirth Are Inclin'd]

O You Merry, Merry Souls

A Carol. Bring In The Boar's Head [The Boars Head In Hand Bring I]

The Boar's Head Carol (as sung at Queen's College, Oxford) [The Boar's Head In Hand Bear I]

The Boar's Head Carol (as sung at St. John's College, Oxford, in 1607) [The Boar Is Dead]

The Wassail (by Robert Herrick) [Give Way, Give Way, Ye Gates, And Win]

A Jolly Wassel-Bowl

We Wish You Merry Christmas (Wassailing Song)

Here We Come A-Whistling

Wassail, Wassail, All Over The Town

Bring Us In Good Ale

Come Follow, Follow Me

All You That Are Good Fellows

Come, Mad Boys

Come Bravely On, My Masters

My Master and Dame, I Well Perceive

With Merry Glee and Solace

In Honour Of Saint John We Thus

The New Year Is Begun

The Young Men and Maids On New Year's Day

The Old Year Now Away Is Fled

Provide For Christmas

Now Thrice Welcome Christmas

Now That The Time Is Come Wherein

Now Enter Christmas Like A Man

Now Christmas Comes, 'Tis Fit That We

Maids, Get Up And Bake Your Pies

To Shorten Winter's Sadness

No News Of Navies Burnt At Seas (by Robert Herrick) [A New Year's Gift Sent to Sir Simeon Steward]

Now, Now, The Mirth Comes (by Robert Herrick)

Christmas In The Olden Time (by Sir Walter Scott)

Christmas Minstrelsy (by William Wordsworth)


Farewell To Christmas

Mark Well My Heavy Doleful Tale

Now Farewell, Good Christmas

Christmas Hath Made An End

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