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Sacred Hymns from the German

Frances Elizabeth Cox


Francis Elizabeth Cox was born May 10, 1812, at Oxford, England, daughter of Mr. George V. Cox. She was among the important English translators of the nineteenth century and a member of the Anglican Church. Together with Catherine Winkworth, she was among the first to rediscover and translate German hymns into English. Her 1841 publication, Sacred Hymns from the German, contained 49 translations, together with the original German lyrics and notes on the German authors; it received favorable reviews from both Protestant and Catholic publications. This volume also included the well-known "Sing Praise to God Who Reigns Above." The translation was also published simultaneously in Lyra Eucharistica and Hymns from the German, 1864. It was introduced in the U.S. in the Lutheran Church Book, 1868.

Sacred Hymns from the German (1864) represented the second edition, revised and enlarged, of the 1841 volume. It contained 56 translations included 27 from the first edition (22 being omitted), plus 29 new translations. According to Julian, a few other translations and original hymns composed by Cox were published in magazines, but had not been gathered together in a single volume.

She died September 23, 1897, at Headington, England.

Cox’s published works include:

Her many translations include:

Come, Tune Your Heart (The Advent)

Come Tune Your Heart (from Bramley and Stainer, with music)

The Last of Days Will Come Indeed (The Advent)

Lift Up, Ye Saints, Your Joyful Heads (The Advent)

The Mighty Saviour Comes From Heaven (For Christmas)

Mortals Who Have God Offended (The Circumcision)

Wake! The Welcome Day Appeareth (The Advent)

Wake! The Welcome Day Appeareth (verses from George Woodward, with music)

Wake The Startling Watch-Cry Pealeth (The Advent)

Wake! The Startling Watch-Cry Pealeth (From J. H. Hopkins, with music)

We Sing To Thee, Emmanuel (For Christmas)

The Wondering Sages Trace From Far

Sources: John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1892, 1907), Cyberhymnal, Larry Marietta's Music Notes and others

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