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Latin Hymns in the Seasons of the Church Year

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Note: In some cases, assignment is tentative or a given hymn may be sung at various points during the 40 days of the expanded Christmastide. Use this list, then, as a general guide; it is not cast in stone.


The Annunciation


For St. John The Baptist (Hymns Concerning St. John The Baptist)





Christmas Eve




St. Stephen the Martyr (Hymns to St Stephen)


St. John the Evangelist (Hymns To St. John The Evangelist)


The Holy Innocents (The Hymns Of The Holy Innocents) and Herod


New Year




Epiphany and the Octave after Epiphany


The Presentation in the Temple (Feb 2)


The Purification of Mary (Feb 2)


For Second Advent


Marian Hymns


Other Latin Hymns and Prayers


To Be Determined


On the Internet, there is an interesting discussion titled "URBAN VIII AND THE REVISION OF THE LATIN HYMNAL" by Vincent A. Lenti (copyright, 1994), which discusses the pontificate of Urban VIII, and in particular in his participation in the "revision" of many ancient hymns.

See also: Latin Hymns from The Office of the Hours

Some sources of Latin hymns found in Piae Cantiones:

Two Latin Dictionaries

For those of us lacking a classical education, or for those whose education was some years ago, here are two — of many — Latin dictionaries.

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