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Dr. Steve H. Hakes, Lyricology

Dr. Steve H. Hakes has created Lyricology as a forum for authors to help them improve the lyrics of songs. He writes:

Lyricology is dedicated to the proposition that not all songs are created equal, that the most important songs are Christian songs, and that Christian songs that do not perform well, let down the faith they claim to serve. Christian songs that perform well, lift hearts & minds in joy. The site encourages the bad to become good, the good to become better, the better to become best, and the best to be loved.

While it's one thing to criticize, it's far better to provide a way to improve a song. Some songs, however, can't be improved. He writes "An extreme example of an unredeemable song would be if the biblical text, “curse God and die”, were put to music. To keep to its spirit, is to deny redemption."

But most songs can get "sympathetic improvements," and Dr. Hakes has revamped six carols using the principles that he espouses on his website.  He notes: "Besides ironing out blemishes, I have also tried to amend the idea of visualising ourselves at the birth, to visualising it as a past event, to remove variances from the true history, and at times to improve rhyming." In the Lyricology Hub Forum, the criteria for improving a song are listed.

Below are listed the carols that he created, both the copy that he has authorized on this website, as well as the original at Lyricology Hub. There is also a Forum is about Christian Song Lyrics, as well as a page that discusses what he calls "Blemish Avoidance."

Carol Pages at Hymns and Carols of Christmas Carol Pages at Lyricology (Source)
Hark, The Heralds Loud Did Sing Hark, The Herald Angels Sing
Joy to the World Joy To The World
O Come, All You Faithful-Hakes O Come, All Ye Faithful
You Came, God's Loving Wisdom, From On High O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem O Little Town Of Bethlehem
Silent Night, Holy Night - Hakes Silent Night

Dr. Hakes is also the founder of Mallon de Theological College, an accredited college for on-line theological study that can lead to certificates and degrees.

Gloria in excelsis Deo.

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