The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Book Of American Carols

Editor: Roy Ringwald (1910-1995)
Copyright 2004, Pennsylvania State University

Mr. Ringwald, for 30 years an arranger for "Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians," conceived of his book in 1995. After many delays, it is now being published by Penn State University. For more information about ordering this volume, please go to Roy Ringwald's Book of American Carols. Part names are those given in the book's index.

Any links are to carols with sources other than this volume; due to copyright laws, no lyrics or arrangements by Mr. Ringwald are on this site. Names following a title are Mr. Ringwald's attribution of "Words and Music." The listing below is in the same order as found in the book. I have not made any changes to Mr. Ringwald's attribution in his index (as, for example, Silent Night, Holy Night; correct attribution is given in the hymn's arrangements.) First lines which differ from the title are enclosed in [square brackets].


Part I: Native Evergreens

The Christmas Tree (J. H. Hopkins, Jr.) [Gather Around the Christmas Tree]
It Came Upon The Midnight Clear (E. H. Sears - R. S. Willis)
Calm On The Listening Ear of Night, Tune 1 (E. H. Sears - J. E. Gould)
Calm, On The Listening Ear Of Night, Tune 2 (E. H. Sears - Folk)
Everywhere, Everywhere Christmas Tonight (P. Brooks - L. H. Redner) [Christmas in lands of the fir tree and pine]
Away In A Manger, Tune 1 (Anon. - J. R. Murray)
All My Heart This Night Rejoices (P. Gerhardt (Ger.) - H. Parker)
O Little Town of Bethlehem (P. Brooks - L. H. Redner)
Watchman, Tell Us Of The Night (J. Bowring (Eng.) - L. Mason)
The Winter Night (L. F. Benson - Folk) [The winter night was dark and still]
Sleep, My Little Jesus (W. C. Gannett - A. Geibel)
We Three Kings Of Orient Are (J. H. Hopkins, Jr.)
Joy To The World (I. Watts (Eng.) - L. Mason
Christmas Bells (H. W. Longfellow - T. T. Noble) [I Heard The Bells on Christmas Day - Caulkin]
Away In A Manger, Tune 2 (Anon. - W. J. Kirkpatrick)
Caroling, Caroling (W. Hutson, 1953 - A. S. Burt, 1953, Copyright)

Part II: Early Americana

Shepherds In Judah (W. Billings)
The Babe of Bethlehem (Folk) [Ye nations all, on you I call]
A Virgin Unspotted (Folk)
Star Of The East (R. Heber (Eng.) - Folk [Hail the blest morn, see the great Mediator]
Christ Was Born In Bethlehem (Folk)
The Christmas Hymn (J. Aitken (?) - J. Ingalls
Shepherds Rejoice (J. Watts (Eng.) - Folk
Morning Star (P. Nicolai (Ger.) - J. C. Lowry) [How splendid shines the Morning Star]
Prince Of Peace (J. Barnard) [Mankind that long in darkness walked]
Harps Of Gold (E. H. Chapin - Boston) [Hark! hark! with harps of gold]
Heavenly Host (W. Billings) [Methinks I see a heav'nly host]
Auspicious Morn (J. Milton (Eng.) - O. Holden) [No war nor battle sound] [An excerpt from On The Morning Of Christ's Nativity - Milton]
Messiah Is King! (W. A. Muhlenberg - A. D. Merrill) [Shout The Glad Tidings]
While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks (Tune 1) (N. Tate (Ir.) - S. Belcher)
Shout, Shout For Joy (G. Richards - R. Ringwald)
Hymn For New Year (P. Doddridge (Eng.) - O. Shaw) [Great God, we sing that mighty hand]

Part III: Victoriana Americana

Let The Merry Church Bells Ring (Cento - J. S. B. Hodges)
When Christmas Comes (M. E. Sangster - E. Nevin)
The Birthday Of A King (W. H. Neidlinger)
In A Lowly Manger Sleeping (F. Crosby - W. H. Doane)
Oyster Bay Carol (Unknown - Long Island, NY) [It Is Christmas Day]
There's a Song In The Air (Tune 1) (J. G. Holland - K. P. Harrington)
There's A Song In The Air (Tune 2) (J. G. Holland - G. F. Root)
O The Beautiful Old Story (L. M. Alcott - Folk)
Away In A Manger (Tune 3) (Anon. - J. B. Herbert)
A Shepherd Band Their Flocks Are Bringing (S. P. T. - S. P. Tuckerman)
Away In A Manger (Tune 4) (Anon. - J. E. Spilman)
The Sky Can Still Remember (P. Brooks - W. B. Bradbury)
Room For Thee (E. E. S. Elliott (Eng.) - I. D. Sankey) [Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne]
Ring Out The Bells For Christmas (E. A. Washburn - J. S. B. Hodges)
Christmas Comes Again (J. H. Hopkins, Jr.)
A Christmas Doxology (R. Ringwald - Stephen Foster)

Part IV: Indian Offerings

The Father Sent His Son (B. W. Rouse (Cheyenne)
The Harvest Of Pine Nuts (Trad. Miwok)
Goodwill Unto You (Trad. Omaha)
Santa Maria (Trad. Pueblo)
The Holy Mountain (Trad. Navaho)
Song To The Morning Light (Trad. Ojibway)
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (C. Wesley (Eng.) - T. Commuck (Narraganset)
Aye Po (G. Dowanna (Dakota)
Winter Carol (S. Longfellow - T. Commuck (Narraganset)
Jesous Anatonnia (J. da Brebeuf (Huron) - Folk (Fr.)
Twas In the Moon of Wintertime (Alternate Text) (J. E. Middleton (Can.)

Part V: Spanish-Americana

Shepherds To Bethlehem (Pastores ┴ BelÚn) (Folk)
The Kings Of Orient (M. F. Juncos-Trad. Puerto Rico)
A La Ru (Lullaby) (Trans. by R. Ringwald - Folk)
In The Dark Of Midnight (Trans. by R. Ringwald - Trad. Puerto Rico)
Let Us Go To Bethlehem (Vamos Todos ┴ BelÚn) (Trans. by R. Ringwald - Folk)
Morning Carol (Trans. by R. Ringwald - Mission Santa InÚs)
Morning Carol (Trans. by R. Ringwald - Mission San Juan Capistrano)
Christmas Canticle (Trans. by R. Ringwald - Mission San JosÚ)
The Little Kings (Trans. by R. Ringwald - Folk)
The Little Shepherds (Trans. by R. Ringwald - Folk)

Part VI: Christmas Spirituals

The Little Cradle Rocks Tonight In Glory (Spiritual)
Heaven Bell A-Ring  (Spiritual)
O, Poor Little Jesus (Spiritual)
The Keys of Bethlehem (Spiritual)
Behold That Star (T. W. Talley)
The New-Born Baby (Spiritual)
Go Tell It On The Mountain (Spiritual)
Rise Up, Shepherds, and Follow (Spiritual)
Mary Had A Baby, Yes, Lord! (Spiritual) [Similar: Mary Had A Baby]
O Mary, Where Is Your Baby (Spiritual)

Part VII: Assorted Ornaments

The Great O's (Early Latin - Boston, 1726) [O Come, O Come, Emmanuel]
O Christmas Night (H. Selyns - Trad. Dutch)
While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks (Tune 2) (N. Tate (Ir.) - B. Carr)
The Saviour's Universal Prayer (The Lord's Prayer) (Shaker)
Chosen Bethlehem (Naming Of Bethlehem, PA) (A. Drese (Ger.)
While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks (Tune 3) (N. Tate (Ir.) - W. Billings)
Jesu Parvule (Poor Little Jesus) (B. G. Burt - A. S. Burt)
How The Beasts Keep Christmas (P. McGinley - R. Ringwald)
Carol Of The Prophets (R. Ringwald - G. W. Warren)
When Christ Was Born (Anon. (Eng) - L. Stokowski) [When Christ Was Born of Mary Free]
Morning Star, O Cheering Sight! (J. Scheffler (Ger.) - F. F. Hagen)
The Virgin's Cradle-Hymn (Anon. (Lat.) - E. MacDowell)
Little Star Of Bethlehem (C. Ives) [A Christmas Carol]
Joy Involate (H. Carruth - R. Harris)
Bow Down, Mountain (N. Farber - D. Pinkham)
As Joseph Was A-Walking (Folk) Note: This is a version captured by Cecil Sharp which was published in English Folk Songs From The Southern Appalachian (1932).
The Little Jesus Came To Town (L. W. Reese - R. Ringwald) [A Christmas Folk Song]
Festive Song (On Christmas Morning) (Shaker) [Praise, rejoicing and thanksgiving]
The Star Carol (W. Hutson - A. S. Burt)
February Carol (C. Burns - R. Ringwald)
Slumber Song (In Winter) E. MacDowell) [Frozen is the ground]
New Year's Greeting (Shaker)
Carol Of The Wheat And Tares (Folk)
Beautiful Snow (J. W. Watson - R. Ringwald)
Jingle Bells (J. S. Pierpont)
The Silver Bells (E. A. Poe - R. Ringwald) [The Bells]
Season's Compliments (T. Wreg (?) - A. Bull) [Christmas Is Come - Virginia Almanack, 1765]
Grace (For A Prairie Christmas (Folk)
Christmas Dinner ("T." E. Ford)
Up On The Housetop (B. R. Hanby)
Old Man Yule (J. Drake - A. Sullivan (Eng.)
A Christmas Ditty (J. Drake - Trad. Tune)
"Dear Santa Claus" (Jolly Old Saint Nicholas) (J. R. Murray) [Jolly Old St Nicholas]
Toyland And March Of The Toys (G. MacDonald & R. Ringwald - V. Herbert)
Carol Of The Drum (K. K. Davis)
A Musical Christmas Card (F. Cunkle)

Part VIII: Gifts From Everywhere

Silent Night, Holy Night (First Setting) (Austria)
Silent Night, Holy Night (Second Setting) (Austria)
O Come, All Ye Faithful - Version 1 (England (In France)
Hark The Herald Angels Sing (England - Germany)
God Rest You Merry (England) [God Bless You, Merry Gentlemen]
Jesus Christ Is Born Today (R. Ringwald - Spring Carol Tune from Northern Europe)
Good King Wenceslas (Alternate Text) (England) [Good King Wenceslas]
New Year's Eve (Wales)
Deck The Hall (Alternate Text) (U.S.A.) [Deck The Halls]
O Faithful Pine (Germany; Trans. by R. Ringwald)
March Of The Kings (Germany; Trans. by R. Ringwald)
Angels We Have Heard On High (France)
The First Nowell (England)
He Is Born, The Babe Divine (France; Trans. by R. Ringwald)
Christmas Day Is Come (Ireland) [Christmas Day has Come]
The Snow Lay On The Ground (England - Italy)
Baloo, Lammy (Scotland)
An Australia Christmas Carol (Australia - Ireland)
Gentle Mary (Canada - U.S.A.) [Gentle Mary Laid Her Child]
'Mid December's Ice And Snow (Trans. by R. Ringwald - Spain)
Fum, Fum, Fum (Trans. by R. Ringwald - Spain)
Sleep, My Child (Trans. by R. Ringwald - Italy)
O Sanctissima (Trans. by R. Ringwald - Italy)
The Three Kings (Versified by R. Ringwald - Switzerland)
Still, Still, Still (Trans. by R. Ringwald - Austria)
In A Manger (Versified by R. Ringwald - Poland)
The Good News (Versified by R. Ringwald - Czechoslovakia)
Child Jesus (Denmark) [Similar: Child Jesus Came To Earth This Day - Gade]
Children Sing On Christmas Day (Versified by R. Ringwald - Iceland)
Christmas Is Coming (Versified by R. Ringwald - Iceland)
The Snow Is High (Versified by R. Ringwald - Finland)
Midnight, Sleeping Bethlehem (China)
Christmas Day (Versified by R. Ringwald - Japan)
Caribbean Carol (West Indies) [The Virgin Mary Had A Baby Boy]
O Mary, Dear Mother (Nigeria)
The Chocolate Burro (Trans. by R. Ringwald - Mexico)
Carol Of The Islands (Versified by R. Ringwald - Philippines)
He Became Incarnate (Rearranged by R. Ringwald - India)
Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming (Germany) [Lo How A Rose Eer Blooming; Per Ringwald, first two verses from Baker, third verse by George Woodward, alt]
O My Dear Heart (Germany)
Angelus Ad Virginem (Medieval Latin) [Came The Archangel To The Maid]
The Crown Of Roses (Russia) [When Jesus Christ Was Yet A Child]

Part IX: An American Bookend

Ode For Christmas, 1793 (R. Tyler - W. Billings & R. Ringwald) [Hail to the joyous day]

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