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Santa Claus


The Story Of A Saint



"After you stop believing in Santa Claus, The whole world just goes downhill."
(Tom Clancy, The Sum of All Fears)



The Life of Saint Nicholas

The Reformation

Saint Nicholas Comes to the New World

The Father of Santa Claus: Washington Irving

A Visit from St. Nicholas The Poem

Moore or Less Disputed Authorship of the Poem

Santa Gets a Helping Hand: The Elves

Santa Gets A Face: Thomas Nast

Santa Claus and His Works The Illustrated Poem

The Christmas Revival Continues A Christmas Carol

The Christmas Card

"Is There A Santa Claus?"

The Family Grows Santa Takes a Wife

The Modern Santa Evolves Norman Rockwell and Haddon Sundblom

The Family Grows Again Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer

The Evolution Continues

Demise of a Saint

The Contemporary Dutch Tradition



Appendix A. Henry Livingston, Jr.

Appendix B. Answering the Inevitable Question



Images of St. Nicholas from Catholic Forum


Write your letter to Santa Claus at SantaSearch
(not just from "one to ninety-two!")

Track Santa's Progress on Christmas Eve!
NORAD Tracks Santa Website (in six languages, with lots of extras; after November 25)
NASA's Santa Track

In past years, NORAD has been assisted  by NOAA (according to a 2001 press release from NOAA).  It's uncertain whether such a spirit of cooperation will be extended in future years, or whether NOAA would consent to assist NASA as well.  Time will tell.

Please note that NORAD's efforts are the result of volunteer individuals and organizations, and provides this service at no cost to U.S. taxpayers.

On the topic of flying reindeer, generally, one person to talk to is Tony Vecchio, Director of the Oregon Zoo, who is compiling scientific data for his research on reindeer flight. His website, World Reindeer Sightings, contains tips on sighting reindeer, a world map to see where other reindeer have already been sighted, a press release, and a video interview with Mr. Vecchio. There is also an email address for reporting sightings!

Note that this seasonal site that may or may not be active;
the link above is to the press release from the Oregon Zoo.

Other Links Of Interest

Santa: The Real Story - Extensive Santa Claus site; includes a version in French: Pre Nol: L'Histoire vraie

St. Nicholas: Discovering the Truth About Santa Claus.  Outstanding site.



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