The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

The Book Of Psalms

Psalm CIV

For inclusion in the Office of Christmas Day By St. Cosmas.

This translation is from the Thompson Translation of the Septuagint Version of the Holy Bible,
Which is in the Public Domain.

Charles Thompson, The Old Covenant Commonly Called The Old Testament; Translated from The Septuagint. Vol. II. A New Edition by S. F. Pells. (London: Skeffington & Son, 1904).

Psalm 104

By David.

1 BLESS the Lord O my soul. O Lord my God, thou art very great. Thou hast robed thyself with honour and majesty; 2 clothing thyself with light as with a mantle ; stretching out the heaven as a tent. 3 Thou art he who covereth his chambers with waters who maketh clouds his chariot—who walketh on the wings of winds — 4 Who maketh winds his messengers, and flaming fire his ministers — 5 Who founded the earth on its firm basis, that it may not be moved forever. 6 Is the abyss like a garment to be its covering—are waters to stand above the mountains ? 7 At thy rebuke they shall flee—at the peal of thy thunder they will tremble. 8 They ascend mountains, they go down vallies ; to the place which thou hast founded for them. 9 Thou has set a bound which they shall not pass; nor shall they return to cover the earth.

10 Thou art he who sendeth forth springs in vallies. Waters shall flow down between the mountains ; 11 and give drink to all the beasts of the field. Wild asses will expect them to quench their thirst. 12 By them the birds of the air will abide : from among the rocks they will utter a sound. 13 Thou art he who watereth mountains from his chambers. With the fruit of thy works the earth will be satisfied. 14 Thou art he who causeth grass to grow for cattle ; even verdant grass for the service of man. 15 That he may bring food out of the earth : wine cheereth the heart of man : that he might exhilarate his countenance with oil ; the heart of man is strengthened with bread. 16 The trees of the plain shall be fully satisfied—the cedars of Lebanon, which he hath planted. 17 There the birds will build their nests. The family of the stork account them their own. 18 The lofty mountains are for the hinds ; a rock is the refuge of the choirogryllus. 19 He hath appointed the moon for seasons : the sun knoweth his time for going down. 20 Thou hast stationed darkness and there was night : in it all the beasts of the forest will come forth — 21 Lions roaring for prey, seeking their food from God. 22 When the sun is risen, they will assemble and  lay themselves down in their dens ; 23 Man will go forth to his labour and continue at it till evening.

24 How manifold are thy works, Lord, with wisdom thou hast done them all. The earth is filled with thy creatures ; 25 So is the great and spacious sea : in this are moving things innumerable—living creatures small and great. 26 There ships sail: there is that dragon, which thou hast formed to sport therein. 27 All wait on thee to give them food in due season. When thou givest them, they gather ; 28 by opening thy hand all are bountifully supplied. 29 But when thou deniest, they are troubled. Withdraw their breath, they die and return to their dust : 30 send forth thy breath and they are created : thou indeed canst renew the 31 face of the earth. Let the glory of the Lord endure forever; 32 let the Lord rejoice over his works. When he looketh at the earth, he causeth it to tremble; when he toucheth the mountains, they smoke.

33 I will sing to the Lord as long as I live, I will praise my God while I have a being. 34 Let my meditation be acceptable to him, and I will rejoice in the Lord. 35 Let sinners be consumed from the earth, and the wicked so as to be no more ; my soul, bless thou the Lord.

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