The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Under The Holly Bough

Words: Charles MacKay

Source: Henry Vizetelly, Christmas With The Poets (London: David Bogue, 1851).

Ye who have scorned each other,
Or injured friend or brother,
    In this fast-fading year;
Ye who, by word or deed,
Have made a kind heart bleed,
    Come gather here!

Let sinned against and sinning
Forget their strife's beginning,
    And join in friendship now.
Be links no longer broken,
Be sweet forgiveness spoken
    Under the Holly-Bough.

Ye who have loved each other,
Sister and friend and brother,
    In this fast-fading year:
Mother and sire and child,
Young man and maiden mild,
    Come gather here;

And let your heart grow fonder,
As memory shall ponder
    Each past unbroken vow;
Old loves and younger wooing
Are sweet in the renewing
    Under the Holly-Bough.

Ye who have nourished sadness,
Estranged from hope and gladness
    In this fast-fading year;
Ye with o'erburdened mind,
Made aliens from your kind,
    Come gather here.

Let not the useless sorrow
Pursue you night and morrow,
    If e'er you hoped, hope now.
Take heart, uncloud your faces,
And join in our embraces
    Under the Holly-Bough.

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