The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Labour's Reward

Words: "Poor Robin's Almanac," 1728

Source: Henry Vizetelly, Christmas With The Poets (London: David Bogue, 1851).

The short cold days, and long cold nights,
The people to the fire invites.
Now happy they who furnished are,
And did, in summer-time prepare
For victuals, drink, and good hot fires,
All which this season now requires.
If geese and sheep with care were fed
If, at the proper time of year,
You from the sheep the wool did shear
And, if you afterwards begun,
To have it carded, have it spun,
And wove, and put upon your back,
You'll be warm dressed when others lack.
If you October beer did brew,
You have the credit of it now,
And pleasure of the drinking too.
Provide good cheer, yourselves enjoy,
And all your needless cares destroy
With harmless mirth, and best of cheer,
Good wine, or ale, or humming beer,
And merry Christmas crown the year.

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