The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Christ Is Born

Christus natus est.

For Christmas

Words: John Alexander Chapman

Source: Anne Thaxter Eaton, ed., Welcome Christmas!: A Garland Of Poems. New York: The Viking Press, 1955.

Christus natus est, the Cock
Croweth to the lazy clock.
Christus natus est, he crows;
Christus and the Raven knows,
And the Lambs, as you shall hear.
Loudly croweth Chanticleer,
With an eager, piercing sound,
To the Beasts that lie around;
And they question and reply,
While the Sun mounts up the sky.
Quando? Quando? and again
That's the Duck who's asking when?
In hac nocte, the Raven croaks
From the old snow-laden oaks,
Quando? Quando? from beyond
The willows by the frozen pond.
In hac nocte, croaks the Raven
From its bare winter's haven.
Ubi? Ubi? the Bull lows, .
Standing black against the snows;
And the Lambs: In Bethlehem:
It was God who told it them.

Editor's Note.

The basis of this poem is an old English broadside, Christus Natus Est The Broadside.

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