Your Garments Glisten, My Brethren, As Snow

Hymn 13

Hymn of the Baptized.

Resp .— Brethren, sing praises, to the Son of the Lord of all; Who has bound for you crowns, such as kings long for!

1. Your garments glisten, my brethren, as snow—and fair is your shining in the likeness of Angels!

2. In the likeness of Angels, you have come up, beloved—from Jordan's river, in the armour of the Holy Ghost.

3. The bridal chamber that fails not, my brethren, you have received:— and the glory of Adam's house today you have put on.

4. The judgment that came of the fruit, was Adam's condemnation:— but for you victory, has arisen this day.

5. Your vesture is shining, and goodly your crowns:— which the Firstborn has bound for you, by the priest's hand this day.

6. Woe in Paradise, did Adam receive:— but you have received, glory this day.

7. The armour of victory, you put on, my beloved:— in the hour when the priest, invoked the Holy Ghost.

8. The Angels rejoice, men here below exult:— in your feast, my brethren, wherein is no foulness.

9. The good things of Heaven, my brethren, you have received:— beware of the Evil One, lest he despoil you.

10. The day when He dawned, the Heavenly King:— opens for you His door, and bids you enter Eden.

11. Crowns that fade not away, are set on your heads:— hymns of praise hourly, let your mouths sing.

12. Adam by means of the fruit, God cast forth in sorrow:— but you He makes glad, in the bride-chamber of joy.

13. Who would not rejoice, in your bridechamber, my brethren?— for the Father with His Son, and the Spirit rejoice in you.

14. Unto you shall the Father, be a wall of strength:— and the Son a Redeemer, and the Spirit a guard.

15. Martyrs by their blood, glorify their crowns:— but you our Redeemer, by His Blood glorifies.

16. Watchers and Angels, joy over the repentant:— they shall joy over you my brethren, that unto them you are made like.

17. The fruit which Adam, tasted not in Paradise:— this day in your mouths, has been placed with joy.

18. Our Redeemer figured, His Body by the tree:— whereof Adam tasted not, because he had sinned.

19. The Evil One made war, and subdued Adam's house:— through your baptism, my brethren, lo! He is subdued this day.

20. Great is the victory, but today you have won:— if so be ye neglect not, you shall not perish, my brethren.

21. Glory to them that are robed, glory to Adam's house!— in the birth that is from the water, let them rejoice and be blessed!

22. Praise to Him Who has robed, His Churches in glory!— glory to Him Who has magnified, the race of Adam's house.

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