The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Yoeman's Carol

Words: Traditional (Dorsetshire)

Tune: From an Old Gallery Book

1. Christians all with joyful mirth,
Both young and old, both great and small,
Now think upon our Savior's birth,
Who brought salvation to us all:

This day did Christ man's soul from death remove
With glorious saints to dwell in heav'n above.

2. lace, but an ox's stall,
The place of His nativity;
This truly should instruct us all
To learn of Him humility. Chorus

3. Joseph and the Virgin came
Unto the town of Bethlehem,
But sought in vain within the same
For lodging to be granted them: Chorus

4. Stable harbored them, where they
Continued till this blessed morn.
Let us rejoice and keep the day,
Wherein the Lord of life was born: Chorus

5. He that descended from above,
Who for your sins has meekly died,
Make Him the pattern of your love;
So will your joys be sanctified: Chorus


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