The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Ye Shepherds, Arise, And Shout To The Skies

Words: Anonymous German Folksong

Music: Ihr Hirten, Erwach, C. Reinecke

Source: O. Hardwig, ed., Wartburg Hymnal (Chicago: Wartburg Publishing House, 1918), #112

1. Ye shepherd, arise,
And shout to the skies!
"The angels are winging
Their way here and singing;
8alvation is near;
The Savior is here."

2. "Come, singing gay psalms,
With pipes and with shawms,
And come to the manger,
To welcome the Stranger,
Who, born in a stall,
Is Lord over all."

3. As soon as this word
The shepherds had heard,
They sought the Appointed,
The Lord, the Anointed;
And found, in a stall,
The Savior of all.

4. They knew Him, the mild,
The heavenly Child,
And fell down before Him,
All meek, to adore Him;
And praised Him in psalms,
With pipes and with shawms.

Sheet Music from O. Hardwig, ed., The Wartburg Hymnal (Chicago: Wartburg Publishing House, 1918)

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