The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Ye Faithful Souls Rejoice and Sing

For Christmas Day

Words: Adeste Fideles, John Francis Wade (c. 1711/2-1786), circa 1743/4

Translator: Benedict Rayment
Other Translations: Adeste, Fideles Translations

Music: "Adeste fideles"
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Source: Rev. Benedict Rayment, The Divine Office for the Use of the Laity. Vol. 1. A New Edition. (Manchester: Thomas Haydock, 1806), pp. clviii-clxix.

See: Notes on Adeste Fideles

Ye faithful souls rejoice and sing
To Bethlehem your trophies bring,
Before the new-born angels' King,
Come, let us him adore.
Come &c.

True God of God, true light of light,
Born of a Virgin ever bright:
Begot, not made, true God of might,
Come, let us him adore, &c.

Angelic Choirs, with joy now sing
And heavenly Courtsw with echoes right.
"Glory on high to God our King:"
Come, let us him adore, &

Jesus, whose life this day began,
The Father's co-eternal Son,
Glory to him be ever sung,
Come, let us him adore, &c.

Note on the page at Google Books:

"One of Haydock’s Thomas Haydock (1772–1859) more notable works appeared in 1806. Entitled The Divine Office for the Use of the Laity edited by Father Benedict Rayment."

A note in Notes and Queries, 1879, p. 240, discussing translations of "Adeste Fideles," observed,

"...those in the Missal now before us (Dublin, James Duffy, 1862), and in the [Bishop Murphy's] Key of Heaven (do, 1869) are identical, the first line being, 'Ye faithful souls, rejoice and sing'...."

Whether or not this hymn is the same one referred to in Notes and Queries is unknown at this time, pending locating either the Roman Missal (1862) or Key of Heaven (1869).

Also found in William Gahan, Complete Manual of Catholic Piety (Dublin: James Duffy, 1844), pp. 527-528.

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