The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Within This Rock That Rock is Laid

For Christmas

Words and Music: English Traditional

Found on the Broadside:

A New Christmas Carol

Date Published: 1728-1763?

Author: Unknown

Standard Tune: Not Given

Printed and Sold in Bow-church-Yard, London.

Location: The Roxburghe Collection, Roxburghe 3.552, The British Museum

Source: The English Broadside Ballad Archive, University of California, Santa Barbara
Let all that are to mirth inclind

Also found in The Roxburghe Ballads, Vol. 7. pp. 801-804. [Roxb. III, 552.]

Within this rock that rock is laid,
Who both the tomb and maker made;
A man that neer was such beside;
Tho just, none so unjustly dyd.
Nothing he owd, and yet did pay
The whole worlds debt all in one day.
He living gave relief to all,
That did in faith upon him call;
And on the cross he prayd for those
That to the death did him oppose;
And while by the hand of death he fell,
He conquerd Death, the Devil and Hell:
Therefore unto his holy name,
Be Honour, Glory, Power, Fame.

Let all that are to mirth inclinded - Broadside from the Roxburghe Collection

This ballad is on the same Broadside as Let All That Are To Mirth Inclind - Roxburghe 3.552.

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