The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Why Should The Cruel Herod Fear?

For the Epiphany

Words: Crudelis Herodes, Deum

Translation: Robert Corbet Singleton
Original 1858 title was "Why, Cruel Herod, Dost Thou Fear.

Source: Robert Corbet Singleton and Edwin George Monk, ed., The Anglican hymn book. Second Edition. (Novello, Ewer, 1871), No. 73.

1. Why should the cruel Herod fear
That Christ, the King, is coming near?
He takes no realms of earth away,
Who gives the realms of heavenly day.

2. The Magi track the leading star,
Which thehy had witnessed from afar;
To Light by light they onward press,
And by their gift their God confess.

3. In waters of the crystal flood,
Lo! dips the Holy Lamb of God:
The sins, which ne'er in Him were traced,
From us, by washing, He effaced.

4. A wondrous Power is brought to sight:
Lo! water reddens 'neath the light!
And, at the word of Force Divine,
Its nature changes into wine.

5 All glory be to Jesu's Name,
A bright Epiphany Who came;
To Father, Spirit, high we raise,
From age to age, unceasing praise.

Note: Made for and 1st pub. in Singleton's Anglican Hymn Book, 1868, No. 58. In the 2nd ed., 1871, No. 73, it was altered to, "Why should the cruel Herod fear?"

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