The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Why, Herod, Impious Tyrant, Fear

At First and Second Vespers
In the Epiphany and Throughout The Octave

Words: "Hostis Herodis Impie" from "Paean Alphabeticus de Cristo," Sedulius

Translation: John David Chambers, Laude Syon (London: J. Masters, 1857, 1866), pp. 105-106.

Music: "Judea" by C. E. Willing

Source: C. E. Willing, ed., The Book of Common Praise (J.T. Hayes, 1868), p. 33.

1 Why, Herod, impious tyrant ! fear
That Christ, thy Maker, should appear !
He need dethrone no earthly foe
Who can celestial Crowns bestow.

2 Led by the star's prophetic ray
The Magi hasten on their way ;
To light by light direct their feet,
Their God with godlike offerings greet.

3 The limpid depths of Jordan's wave
That heavenly Lamb with reverence lave ;
Where sins, not His, from us to-day
That cleansing laver washed away.

4 In wondrous modes His power is shewn ;
His might the blushing waters own,
And change, at His command out-poured,
Their nature, to obey their Lord !

5 All glory, Lord ! to Thee be given,
Revealed this day to earth from Heaven
Like glory to the Father be,
And Holy Ghost eternally ! Amen.

Sheet Music "Judea" from Willing

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