The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Whispering Winds Softly Sighing

Words: Lizzie Dearmond

Music: W. A. Post
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Source: I. H. Meredith and Grant Colfax Tullar, eds., The Bible School Hymnal. New York: Tullar-Meredith Co., 1907, p. 214.

1. Whispering winds softly sighing, daylight dying,
Stars thro' the low-bending heavens slowly creep,
Fluttering wings of the angels swift descending,
Beautiful chorals awaking earth from sleep.

Chorus (Unison).
Hail Him! hail Him!
Jesus the holy,
Hallelujah, sing unto His name;
Now and evermore the same,
Hail Him with gladness,
His pow'r proclaim.

2. Lullabies tenderly swelling, sweetly telling,
Jesus the promised Messiah, draweth near;
Hushed into wondering silence, shepherds listen,
Glory light streaming around them, bright and clear. Chorus

3. Silverly echoes are ringing, good news bringing,
Blending with songs of the angels far away,
Breathing their story of gladness through the stillness,
Hail to the Saviour most holy, born today. Chorus

Sheet Music

Editor's Note:

The sheet music indicates that the sopranos and altos only are to sing the last two lines of each verse. See the sheet music for additional notation details.

This one was a bit of a challenge to sequence. In measure 7 in the treble clef, B is the neutral and G is the sharp. In measures 19 and 29, the G (not the F) is sharpened.

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