The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

When Jesus, Our Savior, In Mean Manger Laid

Henry Charles Suter (1885 - ?)

1. When Jesus, our Savior, in mean manger laid,
The angels with anthems sang "Goodwill on Earth."
The shepherds in shadow, the wise men, all paid
Their homage in friendship by Christ's bed of birth.

2. The calm of that carol from Bethlehem's hill
With choral of Christ-love, that fellowship blessed,
In wishes of world peace and brotherhood, still
It strives to redeem our wild world of unrest.

3. The bugles of battle blow paeans of peace,
Repeating that chorus the angels began;
The bridal of nations bid warfare to cease,
Acclaiming God's Glory and goodwill to man.

4. The hope of the ages, thou Star of our morn,
That claims our allegiance, in saviorhood's name;
We think of the crosses from sacrifice born,
And seeking world service, go sharing the same.

5. Thus out of the travail, Evangel divine,
To faith in soul spirit, new birth hath been given;
The voices of mortals become voice of Thine,
The Kingdom of Empire, the Kingdom of Heaven.

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