The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

When Christ's Appearing Was Made Known

Words: "Hostis Herodis Impie" from "Paean Alphabeticus de Cristo," Sedulius
Translated from Latin to English by John Mason Neale (1818-1866).

Music: Erhalt Uns, Herr, Geistliche Lieder, Wittenberg, Germany, 1533 and
Wo Gott zum Haus, J. Klug, Geistliche Lieder, Wittenberg, 1533
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Meter: LM

1. When Christ's appearing was made known,
King Herod trembled for his throne;
But He Who offers heavenly birth
Sought not the kingdom of this earth.

2. The eastern sages saw from far
And followed on His guiding star;
By light their way to Light they trod,
And by their gifts confessed their God.

3. Within the Jordan's sacred flood
The heavenly Lamb in meekness stood,
That He, to Whom no sin was known,
Might cleanse His people from their own.

4. And O what miracle divine,
When water reddened into wine!
He spake the word, and forth it flowed
In streams that nature ne'er bestowed.

5. All glory, Jesus, be to Thee
For this Thy glad epiphany:
Whom with the Father we adore
And Holy Ghost forevermore.


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