The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

What Though The Snow Be On The Hill

A Christmas Carol, from Hymns For Children (19th Century)

Annie Matheson (1853 - 1924)

1. What though the snow be on the hill
And winter in the weather,
With love and hope and sweet goodwill
We keep the feast together:
Let heart with heart in joy accord
On this, the birthday of the Lord.

2. The Christ, our Lord, was once a Child:
They laid Him in a manger.
The poor, the sick, the sin-defiled,
The prisoner, and the stranger,
Plead with us for the love of Christ
To give what He has sacrificed.

3. O God! At this Thy Christmas-tide
Lay Thy dear hand upon us,
And if we wander from Thy side,
Look Thou in pity on us;
Even in the darkness of the night
Let us behold Thy guiding light!

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