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What Star Is This With Beams So Bright

For Epiphany

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What Star Is This, With Beams So Bright - Chandler, 1837

Words: Quć stella sole pulchrior, Charles Coffin (1676-1749), Paris Breviary, 1736
Translation by John Chandler, ca 183
7, alt.
from Turle’s Psalms and Hymns

Music: "Ein Kind Gebor'n," Old German Carol
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Meter: LM

Source: Percy Dearmer, R. Vaughan Williams, et. al., eds., The English Hymnal. London: Oxford University Press, 1906, #44, p. 70.

1. What star is this, with beams so bright,
More lovely than the noonday light?
'Tis sent to announce a new-born King,
Glad tidings of our God to bring.

2. 'Tis now fulfilled what God decreed,
'From Jacob shall a star proceed';
And lo! the eastern sages stand,
To read in heaven the Lord's command

3. while outward light the Lord conveys,
An inward light the Lord conveys,
And urges them, with force benign,
To seek the giver of the sign.

4. True love can brook no dull delay:
Through toils and dangers lies their way;
And yet their home, their friends, their all,
They leave at once, at God's high call.

5. O, while the star of heavenly grace
Invites, us, Lord, to seek thy face,
May we no more that grace repel,
Or quench that light which shines so well!

6. To God the Father, God the Son,
And Holy Spirit, Three in One,
May every tongue and nation raise
An endless song of thankful praise!

Editor's Note:

The word "announce" in the third line of the first verse breaks the meter from 8 to 9. In order to accommodate this change, I changed a half note into two quarter notes in the score.

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What Star Is This - Ein Kind Geborn

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