The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

What Means This Glorious Radiance

God's Salvation Morning

For Christmas

Words: M. E. Servoss.

Music: Salvation Morning
Meter: 7s & 6s

Source: Edmund S. Lorenz, ed., The Otterbein Hymnal (Dayton, OH: United Brethren Publishing House, 1892),  #103, p. 49.

1 What means this glorious radiance
Across Judea's plain?
Those white-winged angels singing
In such exultant strain?

Cho.--The King of glory cometh,
Earth's broken hearts to bind,
And God's salvation morning
Hath dawned for all mankind.

2 What means this wondrous story
The holy angels tell?
Of one who reigned in heaven,
And now on earth would dwell?

3 Why bend these Eastern sages
To one of lowly birth?
What means this heav'nly message
Of love and peace on earth?

4 Ye wand'rers in earth's darkness,
On ocean deep and land,
Hail! hail! the joyful tidings,
The morning is at hand.

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