The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Whan the aungell Aue began

For the Annunciation

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Middle English; retyped in Old Blackletter

Source: Edward Bliss Reed, ed., Christmas Carols Printed in the 16th Century Including Kele's Christmas Carolles Newly Inprynted. (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1932).

Whan the aungell Aue began
Flesshe and blode togyder ran
Mary bare bothe god and man
    Through the vertue of benygnyte.

So sayth the gospell of saynt Johan
God and man is made bothe one
In flesshe and breed, blode and bone
    One god in persones thre.

And the prophete Jeremy
Tolde in his prophecy
That the sone of Mary
    For us sholde dye on tree.

He hath Joye to you graunted
And in erth peace hath plaunted
Whan yborne was that faynted
    In the londe of Galilee

Mary graunt vs the blysse
Where thy sone dwellynge is
And of that we haue done amysse
    Thou pray for vs for charyte.



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