The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

The Way That Unto Jesus Leads

Words: Thomas Kingot (1634-1703)

Music: "Lutherís Hymn," Joseph Klug, 1535

1. The way that unto Jesus leads,
It blessed is to wander;
Fulfillment there of all its needs
The soul in joy shall ponder.
His words and deeds of heav'nly worth,
All prove He came, thro' human birth,
Our God, from heaven yonder.

2. The blind can see, the lame can walk,
The leprous now have healing;
The dead arise, the dumb can talk,
His wondrous powír revealing.
And now the gospelís blessed cheer
The humblest-heart-ed poor may hear;
His truth brooks no concealing.

3. O blessed Jesus, he who can
At Thee become offended,
Because Thou bearíst the form of man,
He meets the doom intended.
Through faith in Thee I find release,
My Life, my Bliss, my Hope, my Peace,
Throí Thee my griefs are ended.


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