The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Wake From Your Sleep

Authorship Unknown

1. Wake from your sleep, a Savior is born.
God's holy child gives light to this morn,
all our darkness to dispel.
Praise to our God whose glory we tell.

2. Come from your fields as shepherds of old.
Welcome this child whom prophets foretold.
God has made the earth his home.
Praise to our God, the Savior has come.

3. Stay with us now, O Lord of the earth.
Make of our hearts a place for your birth.
Though our cares be great or small,
Jesus the Lord, be born in us all.

4. Now shall the earth take joy in her tears.
Now shall our hearts be turned from the fears.
All the earth shall sing God's praise
Jesus the Lord, be born on this day.


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