The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Wake, Arise! The Call Obeying

For Advent

Words: Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme, Philipp Nicoli
Translation by Arthur T. Russell

Inspired by the Parable of the Ten Virgins: Matthew 25: 1-13
Includes notes and a listing of some of the many hymns and carols inspired by this Parable.

Music: Not Stated

Source: Hymns for Public Worship and Private Devotion for the Benefit of the London German Hospital, Dalston. (London: J. Hatchard and Son, 1848), No. 110. This hymnal is referred to by Dr. Julian as the "Dalston Hospital Hymn Book."
Also found in W. F. Hook, A Collection of Anthems Used in the Parish Church of Leeds. Fourth Edition. (Leeds: Joseph Johnson, 1859), #226, pp.122-123.

1. Wake, arise ! the call obeying,
Behold the LORD His Hosts arraying !
     Lift up thyself Jerusalem!
Heavenís high Host the LORD attendeth,
Their midnight call to earth descendeth ;
     Ye virgins rise, your LORD proclaim.
The Bridegroom comes, awake !
Go forth your lamps to take,
     Hallelujah !
Your hearts prepare for this great day,
Go ! meet Him on His joyous way!

2. Zion hears the watchman singing:
Her inmost heart with joy is springing ;
     She wakes, and swift pursues her way.
Lo ! He comes, the LORD all glorious,
In might of grace, in truth victorious,
     Now beams her star, now dawns her day.
Our King ! O hasten on,
Load Jesu, Godís own Son.
     Hail ! Hosanna!
We follow Thee to joy above,
To share, O LORD, Thy feast of love.

3. Glory, praise to Thee be given
By sons of men, by Hosts of Heaven,
     With harps and cymbalsí joyful sound !
Where on high Thy City beaming
Unfolds its pearly gates all gleaming,
     With Angels we Thy throne surround,
Nor eye nor ear hath known
The joys around Thy throne,
     Hallelujah !
For this our songs for evermore
Shall Thee, O LORD, with praise adore.

Sheet Music "Wachet auf" from Dr. F. Layriz, Kern des Deutschen Kirchengesangs (Nordlingen, 1850), #114, p. 59.

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