The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

To euery man that is vnkynde

For Second Advent

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Middle English; retyped  in "Old Blackletter:" To euery man that is vnkynde

(Initial stanzas missing from source)

To euery man that is vnkynde
What shulde I man do for the more
Than my lyfe to be vntwynde
Thou arte the fayrest creature to fynde
For I the made lyke vnto me
And gaue the reason, wyt and mynde
    Quit vltra. etc.

I loue the man aboue all thinge
I wyll be borne for the therfore
Bycause I wolde to blys the brynge
What shulde I man do for the more
By Adams syn thou was forlore
Euermore punysshed for to be
But for thy mys I bought the fore
    Quit vltra. etc.

My handes (damage) crosse be spread
To yelde the merry yf thou wylt craue
Mercy to aske be nat adred
For yf thou wylt I wyll the saue
Whan thou art dead and layd in graue
And all thy frendes from the flee
Yet thy ssoule wyll I haue
    Quit vltra. etc.


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