The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

'Tis Christmas Day

Words: S. Archer Gibson

Music: J. F. Ohl, 1926
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Source: The Parish School Hymnal. Philadelphia: Board of Publication of the United Lutheran Church in America, 1926, #41.

1. Oh, what mean these songs they're singing?
    'Tis Christmas Day!
Oh, what mean these bells they're ringing?
    'Tis Christmas Day!
Oh what mean these organs pealing,
What this news that they're revealing,
Tens of thousands lowly kneeling?
    'Tis Christmas Day!

2. See these gifts that we're receiving;
    'Tis Christmas Day!
Token of God's wondrous giving,
    'Tis Christmas Day!
Oh, that we may not forsake Him,
Oh, that we ourselves may take Him,
Only gift that we can make Him!
    'Tis Christmas Day!

3. Glory be to God in heaven,
    'Tis Christmas Day!
Who for us His Son has given,
    'Tis Christmas Day!
Loud we raise our happy voices,
Nature adds harmonious noises,
All His world in Him rejoices!
    'Tis Christmas Day!

Sheet Music from The Parish School Hymnal.

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