The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Thus Saith God of His Anointed

Subtitle: The Work of Christ

Words: Thomas Kelly, 1809

Music: Unknown
Meter:  97 87 47

Source: Thomas Kelly, Hymn on Various Passages of Scripture. A New Edition. (London: The Religious Tract Society, 1836), Hymn DLXXVI. (#576). [PDF 563]

I have raised him up in righteousness. Isaiah xiv. 13.

1. Thus saith God of His Anointed,
     He shall let My people go,
'Tis the work for him appointed,
     'Tis the work that he shall do ;
          And my city
He shall found, and build it too.

2. He whom man with scorn refuses,
     Whom the favour'd nation hates,
He it is Jehovah chooses,
     Him the highest place awaits:
          Kings and princes
Shall do homage at his gates.

3. He shall humble all the scorners,
     He shall fill his foes with shame ;
He shall raise and comfort mourners,
     By the sweetness of his name ;
          To the captives
He shall liberty proclaim.

4. He shall gather those that wander'd;
     When they hear the trumpet's sound,
They shall join the sacred standard,
     They shall come and flock around ;
          He shall save them,
They shall be with glory crown'd.


This hymn, and other similar Second Advent hymns, are in the Missionary section, beginning at #572.

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