The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Through Judah's Land The Saviour Walks

Circumcision: Evensong.

Latin: Chrittus Tenebris Obsitam, No. 52.

Source: Rev. John Chandler, The Hymns of the Primitive Church (London: John W. Parker, 1837), pp. 58-59.

Through Judah's land the Saviour walks,
    The word of life to teach:
His own he seeks,—his own refuse
    To hearken to His speech.

And yet the miracles He works
    The Son of God proclaim :
The deaf can hear, the dumb pronounce
    The great Messiah's name.

But no! they turn their ears away,
    His doctrine they repel:
They hate the Sun, for ah! they love
    Their night of sin too well.

But we, O God, thy light desire,
    That shines so bright, so fair:
Oh! search our hearts, and thou shalt find
    No love of darkness there.

Oh, ever on thy chosen saints
    Such blessings, Lord, bestow !
Oh, may thy truth for ever- shine,
    Thy love for ever glow!

To God the Father, God the Son,
    And God the Holy Ghost,
Be glory from the saints on earth,
    And from the heavenly host.


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