The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

That Little Boy

Stephen Gard

Sheet music available at RoDeby Music Company

1. Praise to the boy, little boy
came sweetly to us long ago in a shed
Where His weary mother lay
and the sheep sang high
and the cattle low
and the peaceful doves sang:
Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Hodie!

2. Welcome the boy, welcome boy!
brought peace on earth one quiet night
to a village where no welcome waited
And the stars rang high
And the stones hummed 'Lo!'
and the wind in the eaves sighed:
Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Hodie!

3. Come to the boy Christ child!
Life ever lasting, His gift from a father
Heavenly and tender
Shepherds cry 'Hie!'
Wise men bow low
and the choirs of the Lord carol
Holy! Holy! Hosanna! Hosanna! Hodie!


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