The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Synfull man thou art vnkynde

For Second Advent

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Middle English; retyped in Old Blackletter

Blow ye wide styl and blow nat so shyl
My blode man I shed for the al at wyl
Blowe ye wide styl and blowe nat so shyll
This paine to suffre is my fathers wil.

Synfull man thou art vnkynde
To thy maker ye made ye of nou
Thou shuld kepe and haue in mide
    Howe with my blode I the bought

To saue the from the paynes of hell
That we the fende yu shulde nat dwell
Neyther rather to go.
    Blowe the wynde styl
    This payne to suffre

To a piller bound both fote and hand
(damage) ll al my fenetr (damage) prode dyd brast
The iues me bet (damage) they coude stand
And as they weryed they dyd them rest
And arose agayne and scorged me so
Tyll blode and fleshe wente the bones fro
    Blowe the wynde styll.
    This payne to suffre.

Whan they me scorged sharpe and sure
They crowned me with a thorne
A rede in my hande for a septure
And there they kneled me beforne
They sayde to me al hayle my kynge
For so was always theyr sayenge
And mocked me so
   Blowe the wynde styll.
    This payne to suffre.

I bare ye crosse that was so longe
To Caluery where my deth was dight
My mother folowed with rufull songe
Seyng my trauel she fel downe ryght
To se me in such payne I brought
For the syn man ye thou hast wrought
She was full wo
    Blowe the wynde styll.
    This payne to suffre.

On the crosse they splayed me than
And all my body they drewe in brede
Tyl fleshe and blod thorow ye skyn ran
My handes and fete with holes dyd blede
They went me fro with one assent
And made a knyght my herte to rent
Thus payned they me tho
    Blowe the wynde styl
    This payne to suffre.

They gaue me drynke ye was nat fyne
The which was eysell myxte with gall
They gaue it me in stede of wyne
And I sayd than made an ende was al
Than went away my spirite to hell
To fetche the soules ye there dyd dwel
And in Limbo lay.
   Blowe the wynde styll.
    This payne to suffre.


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