The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Synfull man thou art vnkynde

For Second Advent

Source: Edward Bliss Reed, ed., Christmas Carols Printed in the 16th Century Including Kele's Christmas Carolles Newly Inprynted. (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1932).

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Blow y^ wide ~tyl & blow nat ~o ~hyl

My blode man I ~hed for the al at wyl

Blowe y^ wide ~tyl & blowe nat ~o ~hyll

This paine to ~uffre is my fathers wil.

Synfull man thou art vnkynde

To thy maker y^ made y^ of nou

Thou ~huld kepe & haue in mide

Howe with my blode I the bought

To ~aue the from the paynes of hell

That w^ the fende yu ~hulde nat dwell

Neyther rather to go.

Blowe the wynde ~tyl

This payne to ~uffre

To a piller bound both fote & hand

(damage) ll al my fenetr (damage) prode dyd bra~t

The iues me bet (damage) they coude ~tand

And as they weryed they dyd them re~t

And aro~e agayne and ~corged me ~o

Tyll blode & fle~he wente the bones fro

Blowe the wynde ~tyll.

This payne to ~uffre.

Whan they me ~corged ~harpe & ~ure

They crowned me with a thorne

A rede in my hande for a ~epture

And there they kneled me beforne

They ~ayde to me al hayle my kynge

For ~o was always theyr ~ayenge

And mocked me ~o

Blowe the wynde ~tyll.

This payne to ~uffre.

I bare y^ cro~~e that was ~o longe

To Caluery where my deth was dight

My mother folowed with rufull ~onge

Seyng my trauel ~he fel downe ryght

To ~e me in ~uch payne I brought

For the ~yn man y^ thou ha~t wrought

She was full wo

Blowe the wynde ~tyll.

This payne to ~uffre.

On the cro~~e they ~played me than

And all my body they drewe in brede

Tyl fle~he and blod thorow y^ ~kyn ran

My handes & fete with holes dyd blede

They went me fro with one a~~ent

And made a knyght my herte to rent

Thus payned they me tho

Blowe the wynde ~tyl

This payne to ~uffre.

They gaue me drynke ` was nat fyne

The which was ey~ell myxte with gall

They gaue it me in ~tede of wyne

And I ~ayd than made an ende was al

Than went away my ~pirite to hell

To fetche the ~oules y^ there dyd dwel

And in Limbo lay.

Blowe the wynde ~tyll.

This payne to ~uffre.


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