The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Sweetest of All Names, Jesus

Carol for New Year's Day, Jan. 1

First Carol for New Year's Day, “Jerusalem ,Our Happy Home”

Author: Unknown

Tune: Unknown


The Kilmore Carols, #10

Christmas Carols of Waddinge and Devereux

Source: Joseph Ranson, “The Kilmore Carols” from The Past, no. 5 (1949), pp. 90-91.

Note: This Carol was transcribed by Rev Thomas O'Byrne from a very old Tacumshane copy. The manuscript was torn and illegible in places; doubtful or suggested readings are given in brackets.

Sweetest of all names, Jesus,
Bless this New Year’s Day for us;
Grant new hearts, then all is new,
The year, Thy Name, Thy people too.

Thy Name is sweeter than all (gain),
Cheap though purchased with much pain,
Richer than the monarch’s crown;
Not all the world worth it alone.

Nothing dearer can we bring,
Nothing sweeter can we sing;
Tongue can t express—thoughts fails us
To comprehend our dear Jesus.

(Mercy) to all that will amend;
(Thankful for every good intent;
(To him) who seeks, sweets to excess,
(In Jesus) such as do possess.

                        deceitful hearts
                           sharping arts,
                        honest hear alone,
Jesus dwells as on a rich throne.

(Come then) Sweet Saviour, take Thy place,
(Though we have sinned), this once release;
(Alone) Thy Name, Sweet Jesus,
Is dearer than the world to us.

Nature’s laws to Him gave way,
And all her rules must Him obey;
A Virgin pure doth Him conceive,
                           the grave.

From Hell He frees the souls of men,
Who those four thousand years (had been)
The princes of the Blessed abode
Lift up their gates and clear the . . . . . . .

He triumphed over death and Hell;
His wonders all no man can tell;
The dead He raised, He cured the blind,
He healed the sick of every kind.

The world He ransomed by His death;
The world He conquered by His Life;
A poor Man humble crucified
Did more than Cæsar with his . . . .

Lovely Jesus, I adore Thee,
In all shapes and every form,
An Infant as the Virgin bore Thee,
As well as on Thy shining throne.

Every knee to Thee shall bend,
Every tongue shall Thee commend,
Every heart shall Thee love;
May this New Year happy prove.

(Let not) this year, as past we’ve done
(Be) without thoughts of going home,
We’re strangers here, our port is Heaven,
The storms are great, steer stead~’ then.

When the hour calls us away,
Oh, grant, Sweet Jesus that we may
(In virtue) of this costly Name
(Enter Life) without sin or stain.

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