The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Summer Has Gone With Its Bloom And Its Fountains

Mrs. Swift
A.K.A. Miss Lorrain

1. Summer has gone with its bloom and its fountains,
Hush'd is the music from valley and hill;
The frost-king now reigns on the snow-cover'd mountains,
And ice-fetters prison the river and rill.

2. But, Lady-bird, still thy sweet strains are awaking
The sunshine that dwelt in the long-perish'd bowers,
And the soft-wooing zephyrs are playfully shaking
The rich gushing perfume from many-hued flowers.

3. Enchanted we turn from the cold and the real,
To wander with thee in thy fancy's rich dream;
And in the far land of the Poet's ideal,
To watch the bright sparkle of Helicon's stream.

4. What matters it, if on the face of creation,
The snow-drift lies deep, and the stormy winds shriek,
Undisturbed by the dreary and wide desolation,
We shut out its darkness, thy pages to seek.

5. But May will return, with her garland of roses,
The woods be all vocal with carol and lay;
The forget-me-not bank, where the wild bee reposes,
Will twine with star-flowers each delicate spray.

6. From earth, air, and water, sweet sounds shall come stealing,
And in one joyous paean ascend to the skies,
And nature -- in leaf, bud and blossom -- revealing
Her mystical workmanship, gladden our eyes.

7. Then, dearest one, come to our Eden; no pinion
That flies by our groves shall be welcome as thine;
All true hearts shall bow to thy gentle dominion,
And worshippers throng to thy laurel-wreathed shrine.

8. Now to her who has poured forth her mind's choicest treasure,
To cheer the dark season of torpor and care,
From the type of herself, in a full crystal measure,
We will toast "our sweet Ellet, -- the joyous, and fair!"

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