The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

St. Gabriel Came To Mary

Carol of the Annunciation

Words: William Chatterton Dix (1837-1865)

Tune: from the Appendix to the Hymnal Noted, #113, p. 5.
Meter: 76 76 88

Source: William Chatterton Dix, ed., A Vision of All Saints (London: John Hodges, 1871), pp. 189-190.

1. St. Gabriel came to Mary,
    And greeting thus spake he:
"Hail! thou so highly favoured,
    The Lord is now with thee."
Lady, of such sweet grace possest,
Among all women thou art blest.

2. But when Saint Mary saw him,
    And his saluting heard,
Her lowly soul was troubled:
    She marvelled at his word.
Lady and Maid, once sore distrest,
All generations call thee blest.

3. Thus said the fair Archangel,
    "Mary, fear not, for Thou
With God hast found full favour,
    Though trouble takes thee now."
Lady, our Lord shall seek thy breast,
Among all women thou art blest.

4. "Thou shalt conceive, pure Maiden,
    And bringing forth a Son,
Shalt call Him, Jesus, Saviour
    Of those by sin undone."
Lady, the Mother-maid confest,
All generations call thee blest.

5. "To Him shall God deliver
    His father David's throne,
And He shall reign for ever,
    His power be ne'er o'erthrown."
Lady, this King shall be thy guest,
Among all women thou art blest.

6. Then spake the Ever-Virgin,
    "My lord, how shall this be?
But even as thou sayest,
    So be it unto me."
Lady, thy Son brings Joy and Rest,
Henceforth all nations call thee blest!

Sheet Music from Thomas Helmore and Thomas Morley, eds., Music of the Appendix to the Hymnal Noted. Second Edition. (Novello, Ewer & Co., No Date, ca. 1870), #113, p. 5.

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The full title was Music of the Appendix to the Hymnal Noted. Containing nearly 250 Tunes for Long, Common, Short, and Peculiar Metres; together with several Gregorian Hymns and Antiphons; the Eight Gregorian Tones; the music of the Reproaches; the Seven Last Words; and Litany Tunes; &c. It was also known as "The Tune Book as Used at St. Albans, Holborn."

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