The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Soon Will The Heavenly Bridegroom Come

For Advent

Words: "Der Brautgam wird bald rufen" by Johann Walther, 1552
Based on Matthew 25:1-13, with Notes and Translations

Translation by B. H. Kennedy
Compare: The Bridegroom Soon Will Call Us - Translation by Matthias Loy
Soon Shall That Voice Resound - The Wedding Supper - Henrietta Joan Fry

Music: Not Stated

Source: Benjamin Hall Kennedy, ed., Hymnologia Christiana (London: Longman, Green, Longman, Roberts & Green, 1863), #1009, p. 260.

Meter: CM

Behold, His reward is with Him. Isaiah 60.

1. Soon will the heavenly Bridegroom come;
     Ye wedding-guests, draw near,
And slumber not in sin, when He,
     The Son of God, is here!
With lamps alight and oil in store
     Let every guest advance,
Nor shrink ashamed in trembling awe
     From His bright countenance.

2. Come, let us haste to meet our Lord,
     And hail him with delight;
Who saved us by his precious blood,
     And sorrows infinite!
Beside him all the patriarchs old,
     And holy prophets stand:
The glorious apostolic choir,
     And noble martyr band.

3. As brethren dear they welcome us,
     And lead us to the throne,
Where angels bow their veiled heads,
     Before the Three in One ;
Where we, with all the saints of God,
     A white-robed multitude,
Shall praise the ascended Lord, who deigns
     To wear our flesh and blood!

4. His gracious hand will ope for us
     The gates of Paradise,
And spread the glories of His heaven
     Before our dazzled eyes:
Our lot shall be for aye to share
     His reign of peace above:
And drink, with unexhausted joy,
     The river of his love.

Sheet Music "Canaan" from Charles Seymour Robinson, ed., Psalms and Hymns, and Spiritual Songs (Presbyterian Committee of Publication, 1882), p.447.

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