The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Soon Shall That Voice Resound

For Advent

Words: "Der Brautgam wird bald rufen" by Johann Walther, 1552
Based on Matthew 25:1-13, with Notes and Translations

Translation by Henrietta Joan Fry
Compare: The Bridegroom Soon Will Call Us - Translation by Matthias Loy
Soon Will The Heavenly Bridegroom Come - Translation by Benjamin Hall Kennedy

Music: Not Stated

Source: Henrietta Joan Fry, ed., Hymns of the Reformation (London: Charles Gilpin, 1845), pp. 36-40.

The Marriage Supper.
Matthew xxv.


Soon shall that voice resound,ó
..It is the Bridegroomís call;
Then, at His bidding come !
..He summons all
The guests that shall with Him partake
..The marriage festival.

Help us, oh God! Nor let our eyelids sleep
..The sleep of death;
Nor Sin her vigils keep,
..With poisoned breath:
But may we rather, in Thy presence stand,
..Each with his lamp in hand,
Well trimmed and bright;
Nor seek to wander thence, nor leave Thy gracious sight.

Then shall our eyes with joy,
..The Saviourís face behold,
Who, through His blood and grievous death,
..Doth heavenís wide gates unfold;
..Where all the patriarchs dear,
..And prophets do appear,
The martyrs and apostles of the Lord:
..With Him they there are found,
..On that celestial ground,
Unnumbered are their hosts which close His presence round.

..Then each with gladsome heart,
..The elder brotherís part
To us with ready purpose, shall fulfil;
..Nor shall they blush to own
..The bond that binds in one,
Our spirits mingling there, before the eternal throne.
..Exalted thus on high,
..Bright tenants of the sky,
Through the Redeemerís perfect righteousness;
..Our one delight shall be,
..To Him to how the knee,
Who here our vestments wore, our garb of poverty.

..Then with a look of love,
....With Mercyís cheering face,
Will God his kind compassions move,
....Towards Adamís race;
And with some shining token, own
Each ransomed spirit near His throne:
..With love paternal He will smile,
Acknowledging the Saviourís work,
..Lost man to reconcile...Then every golden wire,
....Each harp of trembling string,
..With all the full seraphic choir,
....Shall celebrate their King,
..Who deigns a listening ear to bend,
Whilst through the vaults of heaven, angelic anthems blend.

..Then He, the Lord shall guide us
....To Paradise above ;
..Where blessings shall betide us
....For ever in His love.

..There shall we stand preparing
....The bridal of the Lamb,
..And, in His triumph sharing,
....Sing praises to His name.

..Whilst strains of purest pleasure,
....And well-springs of delight,
..That know no end nor measure,
....Engage the ravished sight.

..From Godís own fount of blessing,
....From Zionís hill they rise;
..His saints are there possessing
....The treasury of the skies.

..For ever, ever flowing,
....The stream of grace runs on,
..Whilst each new day is showing
....That new delights are won.

..Thus shall our God deliver
....From every evil thing,
..And Satanís loaded quiver
....No fatal shaft will bring.

..From Timeís dark night of sadness,
....From anguish, grief, and pain,
..He lifts our souls to gladness,
....With Him in bliss to reign.

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