The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Snow Falls Soft IN THE Night

Words and Music: German, Leise rieselt der Schnee, Eduard Ebel, 1839-1905
Translated by Bill Egan, 1997
With the kind permission of Mr. Egan

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1. Snow falls soft in the night,
Stars o'er the lake shine so bright,
The forest reflects holy light,
The Christchild is coming tonight!

2. Hearts of mankind are warm,
Tonight, all sorrow is gone,
From heaven there shines a great light,
The Christchild is coming tonight!

3. Choirs of angels are singing,
Hear the church bells all ringing,
They tell of a glorious sight,
The Christchild is born on this night!


Occasionally found with the mistaken title and first line of "Snow Falls Softly At Night." According to Mr. Egan, "It's 'snow falls soft in the night' it's describing something that's happening at that moment and not describing the general way that snow falls."

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