The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Sing With Gladness!

Words: Mr. W. H. Jewitt

Music: Mr. G. B. Lissant
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Source: Rev. Richard R. Chope, Carols For Use In Church (London: William Clowes & Sons, Complete Edition, 1894), Carol #148

1. Sing with gladness! sing the story!
How the Son of Mary blest
Made the riches of His glory
In His Mercy manifest;
Bringing healing from on high
To the sick and suff'ring nigh.

2. Lo! He cometh from the mountain, [1]
Shew'th the brightness of His Face,
Openeth the sealed Fountain
Overflowing with His Grace,
Speaketh but the loving word,
And the healing stream is pour'd.

3. Sion's daughter, thy salvation
Cometh now! in holy mirth
Raise the strain of jubilation,
He will make thee praise of earth;
As a bridegroom doth his bride,
Draw thee to His wounded Side.

4. To His Side whence mercy flowing
Gently on the stricken soul,
Comes its pardon sweet bestowing,
Makes the wounded sinner whole,
When His accents sweet are heard,
Where speaks still the Living Word.

5. Mayst Thou, Lord, still faithful find us,
Here, in this Thine Israel!
Thou canst loose, and Thou canst bind us,
Still with us Thy power doth dwell:
Still is breathed Thy pardon blest,
Still Thy love made manifest.

6. Thou dost give us Bread of gladness,
Bowing from Thy Throne to bless,
With Thy Wine dost cheer our sadness,
In Thy courts of holiness:
Here, in this Thy place of rest,
To our worship manifest!


1. God shall come Tenian, and the Holy from the thick and cloudy mountain of Paran." -- Mabakkuk ii.3. (See Canon of S, Cosmas in Neale's "Hymns of Eastern Church." Cf. Gospel for 3rd Monday after Epiphany. Return

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