The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Servant of God, and Son of Man

Hymn XVI.

For Christmas

Words: Charles Wesley

Source: John Wesley, ed., A Collection of Hymns, for the Nativity of our Lord: and for New-Year's-Day (London: Printed at the Conference Office, 1806, 1810), p. 14.

1. Servant of God, and Son of Man,
     Eternal Son of God Most High;
Fulfil the great redeeming plan,
     Which brought thee, Saviour, from the sky,
Anointed by thy Spirit and seal'd,
With all his glorious fulness fill'd—

2. His soul's Delight, his best Belov'd;
     Give us thyself and him to know,
The righteousness by God approv'd,
     To us poor sinful Gentiles show:
The righteousness which faith imparts
Impute, implant it in our hearts.

3 Jesus, for this we still attend,
     Thy kingdom in the isles to prove,
The Law of sin and death to end,
     We wait for all the power of love ;
The Law of perfect Liberty,
The Law of Life which is in Thee!

4 O might it now from thee proceed,
     With thee,—into the souls of men:
Throughout the world thy gospel spread,
     And let thy glorious Spirit reign,
On all the ransom'd race bestow'd,
And fill the universe with God.

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