The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

The Search for Lodging

Mexico - Pedida de la Posada

En el nombre del cielo
Yo os pido posada
Pues no puede andar
mi esposa amada

There is no room in this inn for a stranger!
You are unknown so be gone; do not linger.
How far you've traveled is of no concern.
Pleading is vain, it is vain - go your way, leave us in peace.

Posada te pide,
amado casero
por solo una noche
la Reina del Cielo.

Enter sweet Mary, for I did not know you.
My home is honored by you and your presence.
Great is our joy, please come in, come and rest
Enter our home, enter in, bless with love, bless with love.

Oh, Hush Thee My Baby

Oh, hush thee my baby; A story I'll tell,
How little Lord Jesus on earth came to dwell.
How in a far country way over the sea,
Was born a wee baby, my dear one, like thee.

Lullaby baby, lullaby dear.
Sleep little baby; have nothing to fear.
Lullaby baby, lullaby dear.
Jesus will care for His little one here.


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