The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Saints The Glorious Mother Greeting

Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Words: Festum Matris gloriosę
Translation by J. D. Chambers

Music: "Tibi Christe," Ancient Melody
"Lewes," Dr. J. Randall

Source: Arthur Henry Brown, ed., The Altar Hymnal. London: Griffith, Farrar, Okeden & Welsh, 1885, #83, pp. 274-275.

1. Saints! the glorious Mother greeting,
    Keep the feast in glad array;
And with glowing hearts entreating
    For the grace devoutly pray,
Which Elizabeth, in meeting
    With her cousin, found to-day.

2. Fruitful parent! she that seeming
    Childless and age-stricken one
Visits, who in secret teeming
    With her own prophetic son
Greets her; for in our redeeming
    Is their fellowship begun.

3. Lo! that Voice, yet mute, exulteth
    As the Mighty Word draws nigh;
And Elizabeth confesseth
    All that matron's dignity
Whom she passing blest declareth
    In her Fruit eternally.

4. "What can this congratulation,"
    Meek she asks, "forbode to me?
What this gracious salutation
    Of the King's own Mother be?
And the unwonted exultation
    Of mine unborn progeny?"

5. Then the Virgin so commended
    Uttered forth a song of praise;
And her psalm of triumph changed
    For the love of this sweet grace,
So herself pronouncing blessed
    Thenceforth to the end of days.

6. Triune God! Supreme and gracious,
    Everlasting is Thy reign;
Grand the Virgin's intercession
    May for us Thy help obtain;
That when this brief life is ended
    Life eternal we may gain!

Sheet Music From The Altar Hymnal

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