The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Rouse, Rouse From Your Slumbers

Words and Music: English Traditional

Source: Ralph Dunstan, The Cornish Song Book (London: Reid Bros., Ltd., 1929), pp. 130-1.

1. Rouse, rouse from your slumbers,
    Prepare a glad voice,
And join with the number
    That do now rejoice;
Be no longer silent
    But now join with them,
Archangels are bringing,
    Archangels are bringing,
Glad tidings to men.

Angel Trumps the message bring,
Welcome down the Newborn King;
Mortals join the hosts above,
Join to sing Redeeming love.
Angel Trumps the message bring,
Welcome down the Newborn King;
Welcome down the Newborn King;
Welcome down the Newborn King.

2. What blissful glad tidings
    Is this that we hear?
Harmonious rejoicings
    It sounds from this sphere;
'Tis music transporting,
    Cherubic, profound,
Creations, vast regions
    It ushers around. Refrain

3. Hark, hark to the chorus,
    Salvation the theme
Which certain poor shepherds
    Did hear on the plain;
'Tis Jesus the Saviour,
    Come see where He's born,
    In Bethlehem city   
    On this happy morn. Refrain

4. Then straightway the shepherds
    To Bethlehem steered,
Stupendously led
    By a Star that appeared;
There Joseph and Mary,
    They saw a surprise,
And laid in a manger,
    The King of the Skies. Refrain

Sheet Music

Notes from Dr. Dunstan:

Sung by Mrs. Ellen Lobb, aged 87, of Penrose, St. Ervan Parish (near Newquay); and communicated by Ingeborg Lady Molesworth St. Aubyn to the Royal Institution of Cornwall, October 27, 1922.

Reprinted, by permission, and with some slight simplification of the Harmony, from the Journal of the Royal Institution of Cornwall, Vol. XXI.

The Refrain I doubt if it originally belonged to this carol has undergone much corruption, and I have replaced it by a reliable version from old MMS. in my possession. My own MS. copy, which must have been transcribed over 60 years ago, has (in addition to the vocal parts) the instrumental parts for bassoon and flute here given.

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