The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

The Rolling Years At Length Fulfil

For Advent: Evensong.

Latin: Statuta decreto Dei. No. 39.

Source: Rev. John Chandler, The Hymns of the Primitive Church (London: John W. Parker, 1837), pp. 42-43.

The rolling years at length fulfil,
The counsels of th' Eternal will;
More precious for the long delay,
Shines forth from heaven the joyful day.

Since Adam fell, his sinful race
Lay sunk in ruin and disgrace ;
In shade of night forlorn they sate,
And waited for their awful fate.

Alas ! and who can undertake
Amends for mans offence to make?
Where can a remedy be found
Sufficient for so sore a wound ?

Thou, Jesu Christ, yea, thou alone,
Descending from thy Father's throne,
The heavenly likeness canst restore,
God's image, which at first we bore.

Send him, ye heavens, from above,
That so the earth, with grateful love,
May th' everlasting seed embrace
The Saviour of our long-lost race.

All praise and glory we afford,
To Jesus, the incarnate Word :
And God the Father we adore,
And Holy Ghost, for evermore.

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