The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Rising of the Dead

Words: English Traditional

Music: English Traditional

Meter: 8686 D

Source: G. Walters, A Good Christmas Box (Dudley: G. Walters, 1847; reprinted Ashley: Michael Raven, 2007), p. 53.

O faithless proud and a sinful man,
So far from grace has fled,
That in his heart believe us not,
The rising of the dead.
For when the dead they shall be raised,
That in the grave do lie,
Ye may suppose that with the dead,
We then shall rise full high.

Of all the creatures living here.
While Christ on earth shall reign,
How wicked were those sinful men,
Who spent their time in vain.
Now Christ is risen from the dead,
And doth in glory sit;
He having trod down death and hell,
And sin under his feet.

When Christ within the grave was laid,
The Jews did watchmen set,
And for fear his body should
Away from them be fetched.
Likewise, they did a mighty stone
On his sepulcher roll,
And all for fear his body should
Away from them be stole.

But in the middle of the night,
A mighty earthquake came,
Which shook the sea likewise the land,
And all within the same.
A mighty angel of the Lord,
Came down from heaven on high,
And rolled back that my mighty stone,
From the grave where he did lie.

His face was like the flaming fire,
His garments white as snow,
Which put the watchmen in great fear,
They ran away full sore.
They went and told the high priest plain,
That he should them release,
Who hired them with money so,
That they should hold their peace.

And say some of his sermons came,
Whom he before did keep,
And secretly stole him away,
When they were fast asleep.
And if King Herod should hear thereof,
We will persuade him so,
Thus you can have no harm at all,
Which way soever you go.

Then faithful Mary Magdalene,
James and his mother too,
They brought great store of ointment sweet
As the Jews were wont to do.
They rose up early in the morn,
Before that it was day,
To anoint the body of the Lord,
In the grave where he did lay.

But when they came unto the place,
They saw a young man there,
But Christ was risen from the dead,
Which put them in great fear.
Come on, come on, the angel said,
Why are you so afraid?
He whom you are now seeking here,
Is risen from the dead.

Mary looked down into the grave,
Two Angels then did see,
Why weep thee women, so, said they,
'Tis far for my Lord, said she.
Then Mary turned herself around,
As she stood weeping so,
Our Lord was standing at her back,
But him she did not know.

Why weeps thee woman so said he,
Who seekest Thou in this place,
She thought he was the gardener,
And told to him her case.
If you have born him hence away,
Pray tell me where he is,
That I may find my Lord again,
For sure I will not miss.

Why, Mary, said our Savior sweet,
Why weep'st thou so for me,
My Father loveth me again,
My soul hath joy in thee,
But touch me not, Mary, he said,
Till I have been above,
Then with my God, my only God,
And Father, whom I love.

Then, many times Christ showed himself.
To his disciples all,
But Thomas he would not believe,
His faith it was so small.
Unless that he could put his hand.
Into his wounds so wide,
And thrust his fingers in the wound,
Where the spear had pierced his side.

But Christ who knew all secret thoughts,
Did rise again when he
Did say to Thomas here am I,
And thou may'st plainly see.
Behold my hands were nailed and pierced,
And feel without now my side,
And be not faithless, O thou man,
For thee these pains I do abide.

Thus several times Christ showed himself,
When he did rise again,
And then ascended up to heaven,
In glory for to reign.
When He prepares a place for those
Who rise again full high,
To dwell with him in the heavenly bliss,
Above the starry sky.

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