The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Ring, Ring, Ye Bells

For Christmas

Words: Anna McClintock

Music: Adam Geibel

Carol #4 from Christmas Carols 1884

1. Ring, ring, ye bells, in chimings sweet,
This is a time for joy most meet;
All nature, lift your voice and sing;
Ring, ring, ye bells, triumphant ring.
For unto us, this joyful morn.
A blessed, holy child is born!
Hark, peace, good will, the angels sing,
Ring, happy bells, Ring louder, ring.

Ring, ring ye bells, ring, ring,
Ring, ring, ye bells, ring, ring.
Ring, ring, ring,
Ring, bell, ring,
O ring, triumphant ring.
Ring, ring, ring,
Ring, bell, ring,
O ring, triumphant ring.

2. Ring, ring, ye bells, o'earth and sea
Proclaim the year of jubilee;
ye nations, all unite and sing
The praises of our new born King;
All hail Thou blessed Prince of Peace,
Thy reign shall never, never cease;
Break forth ye worlds, break forth and sing.
Ring, joyous bells,
More joyful, ring. Chorus.

3. Ring, ring, ye bells, His love proclaim,
Tell how our mighty Saviour came;
He came eternal life to bring;
Ring, ring, ye bells, resultant ring.
We'll shout aloud the Saviour's name
Until it sets all hearts a-flame;
All hallelujah to our King.
Ring, joyous bells,
Triumphant ring. Chorus.

Sheet Music by Adam Geibel from Christmas Carols 1884.

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Christmas Carols 1884 by Adam Geibel and Pemberton Pierce was published by Pemberton Pierce, Pennsgrove, N. J. (Copyright 1884 by Pemberton Pierce). This 12-page publication of Christmas Carols contained the following Carols:

1. Glad Hallelujahs; Words by Anna McClintock and Music by Pemberton Pierce.

2. Hail, Hail, Hail; Words by Anna McClintock and Music by Pemberton Pierce.

3. Hark! What Mean Those Holy Voices; Words by James Montgomery and Music by Adam Geibel

4. Ring, Ring, Ye Bells; Words by Anna McClintock and Music by Adam Geibel

5. Christmas Chimes; Words by Mary A. McKee and Music by Pemberton Pierce

6. Angels From The Realms of Glory; Words by James Montgomery and Music By Pemberton Pierce

Geibel and Pierce have collaborated on other collections, such as "Rays of Sunshine," which was described as "A collection of  40 pages of new music for Sabbath Schools, Prayer and Praise Meetings, and the Home Circle." There were numerous contributors to  the effort including Fanny Crosby, Mary A. McKee, and several others.

Source: Library of Congress, Rare Book and Special Collections Division, America Singing: Nineteenth-Century Song Sheets (American Memory, Performing Arts-Music).

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