The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Ring Out The Bells For Christmas

Words & Music: William Augustine Ogden,
The Silver Song
(Toledo, Ohio: W. W. Whitney, 1870)

Compare: Ring Out The Bells For Christmas with lyrics attributed to Rev. E. A. Washburn

1. Ring out the bells for Christmas,
The happy happy day;
In winter wild, the holy Child
Within the cradle lay.
O wonderful! the Savior
Is in the manger lone;
His palace is a stable,
And Maryís arms His throne.

Ring out the bells for Christmas,
The merry, merry Christmas,
Ring out the bells for Christmas,
The happy, happy day.

2. On Bethílemís quiet hillside,
In ages long gone by,
In angel notes the glory floats,
"Glory to God on high."
Yet wakes the sun as joyous
As when the Lord was born,
And still He comes to greet you
On evíry Christmas morn. Refrain

3. Whereíer His sweet lambs gather,
Within this gentle fold
The Savior dear is waiting near,
As in the days of old.
In each young heart you see Him,
In evíry guileless face,
You see the holy Jesus,
Who grew in truth and grace. Refrain

4. In many a darksome cottage,
In many a crowded street,
In winter bleak, with shivíring cheek,
The homeless child you meet.
Gaze upon the pale, wan features,
The feet with wandíring sore.
You see the souls He loveth,
The Christ Child at the door. Refrain

5. Then sing your gladsome carols,
And hail the newborn Sun;
For Christmas light is passing bright,
It smiles on everyone;
And feast Christís little children,
His poor, his orphans call,
For He Who chose the manger,
He loveth one and all. Refrain

Sheet Music from Rev. Richard R. Chope, Carols For Use In Church (London: William Clowes & Sons, 1894), Carol #79
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